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Social networking is going through a revolution at the moment with many once popular social media platforms going into decline. Facebook and Instagram have seen the younger generation abandon them to go to TikTok.Twitter, while never as popular with Australian social media users as Facebook and Instagram, has had years of notorious issues and can’t seem to please even some people most of the time. With its new owner and self-declared voice of the platform, it appears to be going through a spiral downwards to an inevitable finish of the company. We will just have to wait and see what happens here, but it is safe to say that many people have had enough with these social media platforms and are looking for somewhere else to communicate with each other and stay in touch with events.This is where Mastodon comes in – a (currently) free and open source social media software that can be accessed through its mobile app or in a web browser, it has been cited in the media and received much publicity as the go to for disaffected social media users. Mastodon is a platform that contains many user-created servers, that in turn provide the Mastodon user with a platform to be on that suits their interests or their geographical location. You choose the server that best suits you before creating your account on it.We have chosen to open our account on Mastodon by joining the server. If you would like to follow us on Mastodon or communicate with us – this is our handle @wisefocus

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Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the new name for Google’s office suite subscription package. It’s mostly for rebranding but with a few changes to the features and pricing…

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