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Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the new name for Google's office suite subscription package. It's mostly for rebranding but with a few changes to the features and pricing...

What is Google Workspace?

You may not realise what this bundle of subscription software is, so here is a brief introduction to Google Workspace:

It is an online version of office suite software that runs on a PC or Mac in your Chrome or Edge web browser, providing an email client (Gmail business version), Google Drive storage, Slides presentations, Google Docs and Sheets (equivalent to Word and Excel), and too many other apps to list here. This is “cloud computing”, logging into an account and using the apps via the internet.

Same old same old, but new

In case you hadn’t already known, Google rebranded the look of G-Suite and then gave it a new name (again). It is essentially the same as the previous incarnation but with a change to storage quotas on subscriptions with improvements and enhancements for integration with other apps.

A new name with new app icons
g suite
The old name for Google Business Apps

Why is this better than using computer installed applications for business?

  • Because online apps are not vulnerable to viruses.
  • You can access your subscribed apps and files by logging in to your account on any computer¬† without needing to install all the apps.
  • Many apps have backup fail-safe in the form of an “offline mode” that keeps a local copy running in case your connection to the internet drops out. Your files are synced with your online stored file as soon as the connection is restored.
  • File saving is no longer necessary – your changes are saved as you type them, with infinite undo’s available and even custom version saving for any point you want during editing.¬†
  • Integration – Gmail works with Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Google Meet (virtual meetings), Google Chat (like sms messages on your phone) and Google Keep (a notes app) plus a range of extensions that can be found on the Google Web Store.
  • Downtime is extremely rare! In the 8 years we have been using this, we have only had a short lived problem 3 times. Microsoft is not nearly as reliable – just ask anyone with a Windows 10 PC!
  • You don’t have to use MS Office to view or edit Word or Excel files – Google Workspace allows you to edit them in Google Drive, Docs or Sheets. You can convert Microsoft files to native Google Doc or Sheets files to use extra features.
  • It is inexpensive and simple to learn (the education version is used around the world in schools). For around $8.40 per user a month that is cheap office software. Sure you have to keep a subscription going, but even installed programs have to be constantly upgraded to keep working. But I can get MS Office 365 personal and share with 5 users – the operative word there is “personal”. It isn’t Office 365 Business, so you can’t use your own domain email and doesn’t come with MS Sharepoint for collaboration. It is twice the price one a 1 person subscription for MS Office business.


If you are still running your business software from a program installed on your computer, then you should know that this is not the recommended way to use software for business anymore. We recommend having a backup storage system in place, but even if you use this, your business could suffer significant downtime – and still lose your data.

Contact Wisefocus Designs to find out how you can update the way you use computers for work. We can get your Google Workspace started from no previous setup or migrate your files and emails from a system you currently use.

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Learn more about Google Workspace with an explanation from Stewart Gauld in his video.

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