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show your personality to your audience

Website Personality?

Talking about your website's personality...

Does your website have personality?

Your business or organisation may be delight to deal with having great products, great services and providing a great relationship with your customers, but is it the same for the people who see you on the internet?

quality traits in personality
Many positive traits make up a personality- show them all.

Your website should say "Welcome!"

It is a surprisingly common reason for many people who are planning to get a new website that they primarily want their business or organisation’s name, products, services and contact details to be on the internet. While this is an obvious reason to be on the internet, what is often overlooked is that any company or organisation that is online also needs to have an online personality ready for the visitor – ideally, one that reflects a friendly and approachable entity to engage with.

A website is not just words and pictures arranged into a nice layout, it is also a real extension of the real people who work for it. It is, in fact, the virtual welcome mat and reception desk that your potential customers will see when they find and visit you on the internet. A website should be considered as equally important as the physical location of your office, store or club.

Add character to content

A website needs to easily identify who you are to your visitors so that you stand out from the competition. Include a memorable logo, with a unique theme based on your company colours appropriate for the category of business you are in.

Be informative, with easy-to-read text that conveys your message and communicates your pitch to your customers.

By no means least, your website should contain strategically arranged images that have been carefully selected to demonstrate your service and products, grab and direct attention and help them understand what you can do for them.

Give your website personality

The design of a website is a strategic plan for any business or organisation. Whether you seek customer sales or members for your club, your website will be what online visitors will remember, or want to forget. Give your website visitor the best impression you can give, so that when they arrive on your site, they see your website personality, and they smile in appreciation.

the personality of a place draws visitors

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