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The Password Predicament

Why passwords can become a big problem if not managed properly...

How passwords can become a big problem

“Ah” they say, “but I have all my passwords are written down!”

Were your passwords written down somewhere? This is the equivalent of hiding your front door key under the front door mat. If this information is missing or has been found by wrong person, you will have to assume the worst – someone probably has access to all your online accounts. Just having a few passwords will give any bad agent potential access to everything about you. Soon you find out that you causing grief on Facebook, you owe people money or your bank account is empty.

Often heard is the excuse that they are just a nobody, why would anyone want to be them? Because you are a real identity they can use as an alias for whatever they want to do. That’s why your personal information is valuable to the criminal – you may as well just let them put their photo on your drivers licence.

If you like to use the same password for everything then you will undoubtedly learn why this was a mistake. Always use a password manager to manage your unhackable passwords, as mentioned in this post.

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