on a clear night you can see good design

On a clear night you can see good design from the moon.

What is "good design"? The earth contains all the elements that we use...

The Earth is good design. 

It’s nature inspires us with form, with shapes, it gives us colour, it moves us.

From these elements we find complimentary forms, contrasting forms and symmetry. By using these forms, we are able to create and design.

The role of design is to convey meaning and purpose through our sensory experience. Whether it is the sight, sound, smell or tactile sense employed, we form images in our mind, and from this, we perceive.

We are primarily visual beings, seeing everything in our world in through our mind’s eye. From the words that are used and the typography used to display them, we see the story form in our minds. It is said that one picture forms a thousand words, hence a picture can convey the story and the story provides the emotion we seek. From the images, shapes, shades and colours that we perceive, we use them to further define the expression of an idea. We store them in all our languages as symbols and icons, to communicate our thoughts in such an ancient way that it precedes the written or spoken word.

It is in the design that we perceive the complimentary, the contrast, the relative and the symmetry, and we recognise it as being that “something” in relation to something else. So a circle can become a ball, it can be the perimeter, it can represent a hole in something or the whole of something, it could indicate inclusiveness or exclusion. It can be used to represent something as small as a dot, an atom, a speck or a point, or as large as the sun and the moon.

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