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You can contact us, or follow our posts by visiting our Google+ page.

Our Wisefocus Designs Google+ brand page includes topic-related Collections and Communities (see right).

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We will be updating this list with new Collections or Communities from time to time – please check out our Google+ page for new additions.



You can contact us, or follow our posts by visiting our page on Facebook

Our Wisefocus Designs Facebook page is updated regularly with security, marketing and general information. We also have hidden Facebook Groups for keeping in contact with our clients and industry friends.  You must be logged into Facebook to see our page. To view our groups, you must be a member of the group. Please feel free to contact us & ask to become a member, you can send us a request via Facebook Messenger:
facebook messenger logo http://m.me/wisefocusdesigns

Facebook Groups

Wisefocus – Team Group 

Team Members can post directly to the group via this email address – wisefocus@groups.facebook.com

Wisefocus Designs & Friends on Facebook – Support Group

Members can post to the group via this email address – wisefocusfriends@groups.facebook.com

New groups may be added later – please visit our Facebook page for the latest news. Hidden groups may be changed to public or closed groups in the future. Group members will be consulted and advised before any changes are made to the privacy settings of a group.


Wisefocus Designs News

On Blogspot 

This blog is mainly concerned with any interesting tidbits that we have to share that is not necessarily anything to do with the Internet, Websites or Graphics. It is just for fun.

Wisefocus Designs

Tumblr weblog

Created to experiment with the Tumblr blogging environment from the United States, it has been around for some years now.  You will find it contains content that we believe complements this blog site; such as links, photos, quotes and multimedia. Tumblr is a great system for creating a very nice looking blog in a very short time. There are many pre-made themes that can be bought, in a range of prices to suit. It is not so popular in Australia, with most Australian’s being focused mainly on the Facebook intranet environment.

Wise Owl

WordPress.com blog

We often use the WordPress blog system to make our websites.  Simple websites or blogs can also be created on Wordpress.com for free, but with restrictive limitations on function, size and using wordpress.com in your domain address. Paid subscription is also available so you can use your own domain, and with many added paid-for features that can be installed to enhance the website. Of the build-your-own website creators, WordPress.com has the steepest learning curve, but can ultimately build a very sophisticated website. This simple blog website is once again, only for fun, but we will attempt to keep it current, interesting and entertaining for you.


For questions on any topic, we can help you through the discussion forums we have available for client support and general questions. You need to have an existing Google/Gmail or G Suite account to access these forums. If you have don’t have a Google account, you can easily set one up for free by creating a Google Account with Gmail or just a Google Account only using your existing email address

 Wisefocus Designs Client Support Forum group

Closed group for members only. 

 If you have an account with Google, click on this link to join: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/client-support/join 

Wisefocus Designs Discussions group

This is a public group accessible to anyone with a Google account.

If you have an account with Google, click on this link to join: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/discussions/join

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