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domain & host MANAGEMENT

Wisefocus Designs provides domain registration and management. We provide a very reasonable price for domain purchases and set up domains to work for business email and other online services.

Our host servers are based in Australia allowing for  local time accessibility whilst providing the benefits of geographic location for SEO.

We try to support Australian businesses whenever possible by choosing to use local products and services.

computer & internet support

We have a good understanding of computer and internet technology and can offer assistance with computer, software and application support whenever a problem arises. 

Being security conscious is paramount in everything we do. We use antivirus and anti-malware software on our websites and routinely backup as a precaution.

As an extension of our security policy we always remain mindful of our client’s privacy, everything we do is considered confidential.

A client oriented approach

Out-of-the-box solutions don’t usually work well when it comes to our individual needs. For this reason, whatever our client requires, we are flexible enough to source the best solutions that are most suited to them with any savings gained being passed on to the client.

We can do this because we use a broad base supply of technologies from a wide range of software sources without being obligated to anyone. It’s not who we source from, but what they provide and the inherent value for money that determines who we choose. 

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