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Google+ is going, going, GONE

Google+ has finished, except for G Suite users...


Updated 26 July 2019

As of August 2019, Google Plus will no longer exist for those who have a free Gmail account. Google is closing it down partly for the reason that it just wasn’t used by the social network community like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and mainly because of security issues. Google plan to only close the “consumer” version of G+ but not the “Enterprise” users.

If you had set up your G+ profile when you signed up with Google (or Gmail), then you would most likely had received an email from Google in June this year. That email contained a link inviting you to download your content from Google. If you can’t find the email, no problems, you can go to Google Takeout and download your archive from there. If you didn’t do anything with your Google+ profile, then you can ignore it until it goes away.

... except for G Suite users

For more information about using G+ with your G-Suite, go here.

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