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Many of us know the free and useful applications that Google gives us with a personal account, but did you know that Google has one of the best business solutions available? It is called Workspace and it is designed for running your office in the cloud.

What is “Cloud” computing?

The “cloud” is a term used to describe the network of computers that are interconnected online.  These remotely managed computers and storage are called “servers”, are in many high-security Data Centres, which are located all over the world. The data stored at each of these data centres is also mirrored on servers at other data centres. This is a built-in contingency to protect our data (files, photos, software, etc.) and ensure it is always available. In the event that one site may fail or the network communications drop out in an area, the data is re-routed to your computer or device from another server.

If the cloud is on the internet, then what is the internet?

Providing built-in contingency to protect our connections is what the internet was designed to do. The concept of Wide Area Networking (WAN) was originally designed for the US military in the early 1950’s. Called ARPANET, it was designed to protect the country’s information and communications infrastructure in the event of a nuclear war. Later, it developed into the browser-based World Wide Web and continues to grow and provide the world with protection for our connections from the effects of war, hackers and natural disasters.

Don’t depend on your computers to protect you from downtime!

Today, nobody should be relying on running their business from a computer with software installed on it. To have a hardware-based computer system makes a business vulnerable to hackers, viruses, breakdowns and thieves. If backups are not set up correctly, equipment breaking or a theft can shut down the operations of a business. Even with a backup system in place, it can take many days to be up and running again after replacing equipment and reinstalling everything.

This doesn’t happen with software in a cloud-based business. The loss of the hardware, means you can lock out the device from your Google Account to protect your information. To get going again, you only need to login to Google on another computer to access your mail and applications. Google helps you keep your business organised with the ability to securely backup up your computer automatically so that you can get files that were saved to your computer or mobile device. Google provides surety to their business customers with the guarantee in their Service Level Agreement to provide availability to their online services of 99.9% for any calendar month — that’s peace of mind for any business.

getting business organised with backups - infographic

Did you know?

" 60% of businesses that suffer data loss close within 6 months! "

ALWAYS Use a business email address!

Free email is great for personal use, but never use it for business!

For any business that wants to be taken seriously, it is important for them to get a domain name, have a website, and to use that domain name in their email address. If you were to randomly check out any professional business on the internet, you would find that their contact email addresses alway include their domain name. This is for a very good reason, it shows that your business is a legitimate entity, particularly if you use a TLD (Top Level Domain) like with the country code because these have to be registered with a company ABN number. 

Any business that chooses to use a free email service with the common address supplied should understand that their business may be considered as spam mail, and for all the receiver can tell, the email could be coming from anywhere.  If your business is using any of these free email service providers, like Hotmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, or free Gmail, then you need to change that if you want to be seen as a legitimate business.

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Nearly everyone today has the experience of using at least one of Google’s range of products. In fact, the terms “Google” and the “internet” have pretty much become synonymous in their meaning. Most of us have used Google search to find things on the internet. Many of us have used the most popular online mapping directory of Google Maps to find places, and most of the world now uses Google’s Gmail, making it the most widely used free email app today. 

At Wisefocus Designs, we have been using Google Workspace for many years. We love it, and so do our clients who use it. 

Google Workspace is a suite of office applications integrated into an administrative platform that makes your business professional and helps your business to stay organised. You can start with just one user subscription with the ability to easily add and remove subscriptions for employees or work collaborators. It includes a host of apps made by Google that are designed to work together to streamline your business activities and make your business time-efficient.

These apps are included in a Google Workspace subscription:

  • Business Gmail using your own domain name.
  • Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, that can work with Microsoft files.
  • Google Drive – cloud storage for securely keeping documents, pictures, and all kinds of files, with the ability to share with others directly from the drive.
  • A shareable Calendar that includes events, reminders and tasks that also can be shared.
  • Contacts for managing all details that can be used as the contact list on your phone.
  • Google Admin for managing subscribed users, their resources, and access permissions to apps and features.
  • And many more features worth having. 


Google Workspace is the most economical cloud-based office suite system available, starting from only the price of a couple of coffees per month. 

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