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Outside of our website, Facebook is our other main presence online. This means that we primarily monitor and post to these locations the most frequently and they are the best way to communicate with us, after phone and email.

We quite like Pinterest as a sharing platform, particularly because it focuses on the sharing of useful information. Pinterest is more than just expressing opinions or showing selfies as the other social platforms tend to be for.

Social Media


Our Facebook Business Page

You can contact us, or follow our posts by visiting our page on Facebook – make sure to tick follow us on our page to get our updates.

Our Wisefocus Designs Facebook page is updated regularly with security, marketing and general information.

We also have hidden Facebook Groups for keeping in contact with our clients and industry friends.  You must be logged into Facebook to see our page. To view our groups, you must be a member of the group. Please feel free to contact us & ask to become a member, you can send us a request via Facebook Messenger:

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Facebook Groups

Wisefocus – Team Group 
Team Members can post directly to the group via this email address –

Wisefocus Designs & Friends on Facebook – (support group)

Members can post to the group via this email address –

  • We may add to these groups over time – visit our Facebook page for updates. 
  • Hidden groups may be changed to public or closed groups in the future. 
  • Group members will be consulted and advised before any changes are made to the privacy settings of a group.


Wisefocus Designs News

For posted updates on website changes, general information about the internet, design, marketing trends, and digital technology.

Read the latest

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Did You Know?

Technically, a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group functions as a kind of blog too. It’s only that the audience is limited to the Facebook intranet only and limited in design to the pre-set standard layout that Facebook designates.


For questions on any topic, we can help you through the discussion forums we have made available for client support and general questions using Google Groups. 

To access these forums you will need to have an existing Google/Gmail or G Suite account. If you don’t have a Google account, you can easily set one up for free by creating a free Google Gmail account, or just a Google Account only that allows you to log in with an email address that you already have.

We recommend that you just create a new gmail account anyway to use as a backup email.

Wisefocus Designs Client Support Forum

This is a Closed group for client members with a Google account. Membership by request/invited:

Wisefocus Designs Discussion Forum

This is a public group accessible to anyone with a Google account. Anyone is welcome to join:

Thank you for contacting us at Wisefocus Designs.

We will be get in touch with you ASAP.