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on a clear night you can see good design from the moon

The Earth is good design.  It’s nature inspires us with form, with shapes, it gives us colour, it moves us.

Love the work Our client’s love our work, they tell us so. We love what we do for our clients and we believe that shows in the work that our client’s love. Actually, its more than believing – we know it shows. Love the team Everyone achieves something with the help of somebody else. All of our achievements are founded on our ability to cooperate and work as a team. Even when we do something as an individual, it is done employing the skills and knowledge passed to us through learning from the sharing of another’s experience. This is always happening in the background of our lives, whether inherited through our genes or through our sensory experience. Our client and us are a team, and by working as a team and sharing information, we can create something better. Love the results When you love what you do, you see great results.…

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Google+ is closing down As of August 2019, Google Plus will no longer exist. Google is closing it down partly for the reason that it just wasn’t used by the social network community like Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram, and mainly because of security issues. Google plan to only close the “consumer” version of G+ but not the “Enterprise” users. If you had set up your G+ profile when you signed up with Google (or Gmail), then you would most likely had received an email from Google in June this year. That email contained a link inviting you to download your content from Google. If you can’t find the email, no problems, you can go to Google Takeout and download your achive from there. If you didn’t do anything with your Google+ profile, then you can ignore it until it goes away. For more information about using G+ with your G-Suite, go…

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It’s time While building, repairing, developing, designing, researching, curating, content writing, image editing, host managing, migrating websites, SEO work, helping clients with computer, marketing &  strategy consultancy, graphic design, ad creations, ad campaigning with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, Twitter Ads, etc. we have neglected our own website. It is sad but true, we have been meaning to update our website for a long , long time. It’s the price we have paid for in making our clients always come first, before our own self-promotion. Time for a new look Now it is time for a new look. It has been 4 years since we last built our own website and since then our business has evolved, the internet has evolved, and technology has evolved. That is too long for a website overhaul. Why? Everything in the digital world looks and works much better now. So, we have to renovate,…

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Google is updating Calendar

  New changes have come to Google Calendar with a more modern and easier to read interface to work with. We use Google Calendar for our internal business scheduling, tasks and reminders, and for events (appointments, meetings, etc.) with our customers and industry contacts. Works really well on any smart phone, tablet or desktop computer, whether it be an Android, Apple or Windows device. For more information about the new changes to Google Calendar, go to:

a happy website personality

Does your website have a website personality? Your business or organisation may be great to deal with, having great products, great services and a great relationship with your customers, but is it the same online?

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imaging depicting a range of logos

wisefocus design badgeThe logo is one of the most important design elements for the identity of a business. It is the first visual element that introduces and quickly identifies a business, acting as a business icon for familiarity, and being a memorable symbol of the company.

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There are many good payment gateway options available today, but we use and recommend PayPal because we know it is a convenient, safer way of paying for goods or services as a customer. For a business, it is also a great way to get paid by your clients or customers, and with PayPal’s Buyer Protection Guarantee to help protect you from fraud, it is an extra assurance that your identity and money is protected. Another feature of PayPal payments that many people do not realise is that you don’t have to have a PayPal account to make a payment with PayPal! – you simply enter your credit card details as you normally would, and PayPal will send a confirmation email to you. Though Wisefocus Designs does accept direct bank deposits, we find that PayPal’s features, like email payment receipt confirmation, invoice creation, recurring payments, and the ability to manually record payments makes it…

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Stay Smart Online is a service provided by the Australian Government to advise and educate Australians about scams and privacy attacks on the internet. Wisefocus Designs is proud to announce that we have been accepted as a partner by Stay Smart Online to help assist in raising awareness about the ways that business and individuals can protect themselves online from scams and attacks on their privacy. For more information about Stay Smart Online, you can visit them on:  Facebook or Twitter or view their videos on the staysmartonline Youtube channel

g suite

G-suite, formally known as Google Apps for Work, is a business platform that we believe is the perfect answer for any business, from small to large, to run their business on. G-suite is the next generation of software that runs in the cloud – providing email domain control with an easy to use and very reliable email system with vast storage. Along with the Gmail service  is the online equivalent of Microsoft Office, that has the easy to use Docs (MS Word), Sheets (MS Excel), Slides (MS Powerpoint presentations), and, of course, Gmail (MS Outlook). It also includes Google Drive storage from 30Gb per user up to infinity storage per user (for $10 per month). We use it and we like it because it works, has everything we need, and while not as complex as MS Office, it is much cheaper than MS Office 365, starting at only $5 per…

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