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wisefocus design badgeThe logo is one of the most important design elements for the identity of a business. It is the first visual element that introduces and quickly identifies a business, acting as a business icon for familiarity, and being a memorable symbol of the company.

A logo should symbolically represent what your company provides as a service or product, whilst maintaining a unique quality that makes it stand out from competing companies in your industry area.

The design process for a logo involves much research into the market that the company operates in, taking into account the logo designs of the competition, how the logo best expresses the style and personality of the business, using the theme colours that you have elected to use to make your business unique, and choosing the appropriate typeface that will usually be used in conjunction with the logo. This is especially important when designing the company theme that will be used for all stationery, such as business cards, letterheads, with compliment slips, and marketing material.

For example, we designed our logo around the name of our business Wisefocus Designs using a representation of the eye as wisdom (as in all-seeing) with a merge of a stylised lotus graphic in the eye’s centre. This was to convey our philosophy that design is “experienced in the eye of the beholder”, the green colour represents new growth and the colour range in the eye surrounds represents the spectrum of our designs, while the purple and blue balance the masculine and feminine aspects of our design thinking. The time to process our logo design was about 2 weeks, with research and many drafts made until we felt that it was ready. Then we asked some outside people for their opinion to make sure it was appealing to “new” eyes.

It is best to have a professional designer to make your logos, as their experience can save you a lot of time in developing your logo and company theme, ensuring that your company looks good regardless of the media that it is represented on – online, on paper, or in advertising.

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