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Google Apps for Work

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Google Apps for Work – it’s even more than Gmail. You may already have a free Gmail account and you know may already be aware of all the apps available to you with your free account. However, you may not know that there is a subscribed version that gives you proper and professional organisational control

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Print here or abroad?

If you google “printers” these days, you will find pages and pages of links to office printing machines, but much less for links to companies that offer print services. What most office laser or inkjet printers can’t do is give you the infinite choice of stock to print on, give the economies of scale for large print runs, provide

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What is SEO? This is an area of internet crafting that has many areas within it. There is no single SEO answer to making your website popular on the internet and its search engines, except by making a well designed site with many link references and description attributes, along with much well-researched content included. Content

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Google Vs. Facebook: 3 Things to Expect in 2016 | Inc.com


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Do you love the Google doodle?

One of the most intriguing things we have found on the internet is the Google Doodle archive. Google doodles are those google images you see above the search bar. They change all the time, with hundreds of designs made every year – and so far over 2000 different designs have been made. There are some

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